Admission to over 50 popular cultural attractions from art museums to aquariums!

Enjoy ticketless admission to over 50 popular cultural attractions representing Japan to your heart’s content! THE TOKYO PASS is a smart pass service that allows you to enjoy cultural tourism in Tokyo to the fullest!

Choose the perfect pass for the length of your stay!


THE TOKYO PASS allows you to make payments and enter attractions with your smartphone. Having admission slots for THE TOKYO PASS per hour, you can enjoy safe and affordable cultural experiences to avoid unnecessary contact with others and congestion.

An entry pass for unlimited admission! Enjoy over 50 popular cultural attractions to the fullest

Using THE TOKYO PASS, you can gain admission to whichever cultural attraction appeals to you, including art museums, parks, gardens, zoos, and aquariums, which are popular with the many foreign tourists who visit Tokyo.

Use a QR Code to enter!
Ticketless and cashless with advance payment

Do everything online, from purchasing a pass to entering the attractions! All you need to do is read a QR code using the app! You won’t have to worry about different payment methods for each attraction, or be troubled by complicated reservation systems.

Where to go next?
Introduction to cultural attractions near your current location

Start up THE TOKYO PASS app, and you’ll be introduced to cultural attractions in order of what’s closest to you right now. This solves the small yet common problem of having a little extra time on a trip and not knowing where to go.

Smooth travel, too!
Unlimited rides on 13 Tokyo subway lines

You can choose to add a Tokyo Subway Ticket to THE TOKYO PASS, which allows for unlimited rides on 13 Tokyo subway lines. Using the subway, traveling between cultural attractions scattered here and there is smooth.

Packed with local info!
Shared information about spots where you can experience the city’s culture

THE TOKYO PASS team has rounded up lots of shops and locations to take friends from overseas too! We also share information that allows you to experience today’s culture in Tokyo for real.