FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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A :THE TOKYO PASS is a smartphone app that delivers unique experiences in Tokyo today, such as encountering local scenery and people on the way to and from the town, while visiting museums and enjoying history, art, and pop culture.

Q :What can I do with THE TOKYO PASS services?

A :THE TOKYO PASS sells PASS, and when you buy one, you get unlimited entry to over 50 of Japan's leading museums, parks, gardens, zoos, and aquariums, as well as all unlimited ride to Tokyo subways within a validity period, offering you stress-free experiences. Please see the “Experience the Museum!” page for the list of attractions you can enter with PASS.

About transportation

Q :Can I only purchase Tokyo Subway Ticket (ticket for unlimited rides on Subways)?

A :We cannot sell Tokyo Subway Ticket singly. If you wish to purchase the Ticket from this website, please purchase PASS.

Q :How do I issue Tokyo Subway Ticket?

A :Tap the Tokyo Subway Ticket screen on the “TICKETS” tab of the “TICKETS” page in THE TOKYO PASS app. Display the QR code from the screen you tap. When you scan the displayed QR code into ticket vending machines with QR code readers at the subway stations, a magnetic ticket will be issued and insert it through the ticket gate. You can enjoy unlimited rides for 24, 48, and 72 hours from the time printed on the back of the ticket.

About the attraction

Q :Do you have any attractions you would recommend?

A :You can find recommended attractions in the Tokyo Pass app and in the articles on the following websites.

Q :Is there a limit to the number of attractions I can visit in a day?

A :There is no limit to the number of attractions you can visit during the validity period of PASS. You can visit several attractions in a day.

Q :Can I access the same attraction multiple times?

A :You can enter each attraction only once. However, you may be given an admission ticket for some attractions. In that case, you may be able to re-enter by showing the ticket within the period that the attraction specifies.

Q :Can I use PASS to visit target attractions at any time?

A :In addition to regular closing days, some attractions may be temporarily closed for exhibition installation and maintenance. You can check the opening status of the attractions on THE TOKYO PASS app. Many attractions are closed on Mondays, so please check before you go out.

About purchasing

Q :What brands of credit cards can I use to make a purchase?

A :You can use VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, DinersClub, and Discover credit cards.

Q :When purchasing multiple PASSes, can I combine PASS of different periods?

A :No, you can purchase only one period of PASS at a time. If the period of PASS you want to purchase depends on the person using it, we recommend that you purchase PASS for each person. If you wish to purchase PASS that is valid for more than 6 days, please purchase PASS for 5 days or shorter and then purchase a new PASS after you have finished using the PASS.

Q :How many PASSes can I purchase at one time?

A :You can purchase PASS for up to 5 people at a time.

Q :What happens if I lose my smartphone or change the model after purchasing PASS?

A :If you lose or replace your smartphone after purchase, download the app to your new smartphone and enter the login ID and password you registered on this website. The purchase details are displayed.

Q :Where can I purchase PASS?

A :You can purchase PASS anytime and anywhere on the website. However, if you purchase PASS in Japan, you will not be able to pay with PayPal. For purchases made in Japan, you can make a payment with a credit card issued outside Japan.

Q :Can anyone purchase PASS?

A :THE TOKYO PASS is a service for people traveling to Japan from overseas and there are restrictions on how to purchase PASS from within Japan. Please also check “Where can I purchase PASS?” for details.

Q :How many days in advance can I purchase PASS?

A :You can purchase PASS 6 months (180 days) in advance before using. Your PASS is valid at the time of entry procedure for the first attraction. Please note that your PASS will be invalid if it has not been used for 6 months after purchase. You can cancel PASS only if it is unused and within 30 days of purchase. Please also check “Can I cancel my purchase?” for details.

Q :Do I need to start using the PASS on the same day I purchased it?

A :No, PASS is valid for 6 months after purchase. Your PASS is not valid unless it is used at the first attraction you visit.

About the App

Q :Why do I need to download the app?

A :You need to download to go through the entry procedure to the attraction with THE TOKYO PASS app. We do not provide physical card passes, such as printed paper. You can also use the app to check out the information on attractions and read about some of the best places to enjoy culture in the city.

Q :How do I do the entry procedure?

A :There is a QR code with the "Hi" mark near the reception of the attraction. When you find it, press the "Check in" button at the bottom left of the app. Then, select the number of user to enter and scan the QR code. Show staff the screen that appears after scanning successfully. The staff will do the entry procedures and please follow the instructions to enter. The location of the QR code to enter the attraction can be checked from the "Discover" page -> "Popular Spot" -> "See all" in the app with a link to the individual page of each attraction.

Q :The camera does not start at the time of entry procedure. / The QR code cannot be read.

A :If the camera does not start in the app or you cannot read the QR code properly, press the "Manual mode" button at the bottom of the page. Then, enter the 4-digit number under the QR code on the next screen. If the number is entered correctly, the same screen will appear as after the scan is successful. Please show it to the staff and complete the entry procedure.

Q :Can I use THE TOKYO PASS app offline?

A :Some attractions require you to be online at the time of entry procedure. If you are offline, it may take some time to complete the entry procedure, so we recommend that you prepare your own internet connection.


Q :What happens if I cannot use the attraction or subway for a long time after I purchase or start using PASS?

A :If many of the attractions or Tokyo Subways covered by PASS are closed or become unusable due to unforeseen circumstances, the validity period and cancellation conditions may be changed. In that case, please check the information on this website.

Q :Can I correct my personal information on my account?

A :The registered account cannot be modified on the website or App. If you would like to make corrections, please contact us using the enquiry form.

Q :Can I delete my account?

A :If you wish to delete your account, please contact us via the contact form. (Accounts cannot be deleted from the website or the app.)

Q :I want to inquire about unclear points.

A :You can contact us through both this website and THE TOKYO PASS app. On this website, you can send us an email and call us by clicking "Inquiry" at the bottom of the page. The app also has a inquiry menu in "My page."

Q :Can you issue me a receipt?

A :You can check your purchase history by logging in from “My page” on this website. If you need an official receipt, please contact us and we will issue it.

Q :Who operates THE TOKYO PASS?

A :THE TOKYO PASS is operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau, JTB (one of the largest travel companies in Japan), and Tanseisha (an expert in and display design for public and cultural spaces, such as Museums) . We develop and operate services that allow visitors to Japan to experience and enjoy the culture and history of Tokyo, while at the same time receiving affordable and convenient services.

Q :What is the Activation Code? How should I use it?

A :Activation Code is a code that is required to activate some PASS. You can use this code to activate the PASS you received as a gift. Please do member registration at the website of THE TOKYO PASS.


Q :If I cancel my purchase, how will I be refunded?

A :If you cancel your purchase, you will be refunded through the credit card company or PayPal that you used for payment. Please contact each credit card company or PayPal for refund details.

Q :Can I cancel my purchase?

A :You can cancel your purchase only if it is unused and within 30 days of purchase. The purchase is not used unless the QR code on the attraction is scanned and the QR code for issuing the Tokyo Subway Ticket is displayed in the app. If you wish to cancel your purchase, please contact us using the app or the inquiry page on this website to include your User ID (same as your Email address) and purchased item name.

About the PASS

Q :After I purchase PASS on this website, how can I use it?

A :You need a smartphone and THE TOKYO PASS app to use PASS. The app is available at Apple Store or Google Play. [Supported OS]iOS : 11.0 or later / Android : 8.0 or later After downloading the app, enter the login ID and password that you registered on the website on the login screen.

Q :Can I extend the PASS period?

A :You cannot extend the period. Please purchase a new PASS after using your PASS.

Q :Are there any age restrictions or classifications for PASS?

A :There are no age restrictions and children or elderly fees for PASS. Anyone can purchase PASS and use it. The target attractions of PASS are free for children under 3 years old. In many attractions, students can also enter for free or at a discounted rate with a school identification card. However, it may take time to line up at the ticket counter to prove your age and identity for getting these discounts. We recommend that you consider these points when deciding whether to purchase PASS.

Q :Can I see all the exhibitions of the target attractions with PASS?

A :The attractions covered by THE TOKYO PASS are limited to admission to some exhibitions only. Please check the attraction page in THE TOKYO PASS app for details.

Q :Does the PASS expiration period (2 days, 3 days, and 5 days) count as consecutive days?

A :The PASS expiration period is counted in consecutive days. The PASS is valid from the time you visit the first attraction until 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the purchase period. For example, if you start using a 3-day PASS on Monday, it will be valid for 3 days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) and you can use the PASS until 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday.