THE TOKYO PASS Cookie Policy

THE TOKYO PASS Cookie Policy

THE TOKYO PASS website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) uses Cookies that may enhance your experience on, and use of, our Website. Please read below for more details about our Cookie Policy.

1. Use of Cookies

By visiting our Website, you may experience our placement of Cookies. The purpose of those Cookies is so that visitors and our customers can use our Service in a smooth and stable manner, and so that our Website operates stably and efficiently.

Cookies are placed onto your computer or mobile device at the moment you visit our Website. Your web browser on your device creates these Cookies automatically. Each time you close your web browser, these Cookies are stored for a period of time. You may also turn off Cookies in the settings of your web browser or erase them after you have visited our Website, but this may affect our Website’s functionality negatively while you use it.

Cookies that have not been deleted will be sent again from your browser the next time you visit our Website. These Cookies allow us to recognize your device, to communicate with you, customize your experience, and provide an overall better service. We may also use Cookie-like tracking technologies such as tools from third-parties for the same purpose mentioned in this Cookie Policy.

2. About Cookies

You can learn more about Cookies on the following sites.

About Cookies:

3. Cookies placed by THE TOKYO PASS

Most Cookies found on the internet are safe and do not store any personal data. THE TOKYO PASS will only provide such safe Cookies to visitors on our Website. Their only purpose is to improve your experience on our Website, improve our online activities, and deliver action-based advertising campaigns.

Cookies may be created by a third party, such as Google Analytics, their official web analytics service, or by ourselves. Google Analytics gives us an overall overview of visitors and their behavior on our Website, such as from which website they are coming.

*About Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics from Google on our Website, meaning specific Cookies are placed, and Google subsequently uses the information to collect, record, and analyze your visit history on our Website.

After that we receive the results of Google Analytics’ analysis. This information that is collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics shall never include any information that identifies you as a particular individual. Moreover, such data is managed by Google’s strict privacy and data protection policies.

You can also disable Google Analytics in your browser add-on settings, and as a result, your data will not be collected anymore. You can do this by downloading “Google Analytics opt-out add-on” on the Google opt-out add-on download page and changing the add-on settings of your browser. Once disabled, Google Analytics stops collecting data from all websites you visit. By resetting the Google Analytics opt-out add-on, it will start collecting data again from websites.

Please refer to the Google Analytics website where you can find both Google’s privacy and data protection policies and the terms of use of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Terms of conditions:

Google Privacy policy:

Google Analytics opt-out:

4. Delete Cookies

If you do not want to use Cookies in your browser, you can delete them after you have visited our Website. There are also mandatory Cookies that are needed for the use of our Website that also can be deleted after your visit.

Cookies may also be stored on your device and, as a result, we cannot delete them. The erasure of such Cookies must be done through your browser on your device. You can also avoid Cookies from being placed through your browser settings. Please keep in mind that there are different type of Cookies, and they vary from browser to browser. As a result, they must be controlled directly from the device.

Here are instructions on how to block Cookies, and how to delete them in Windows PC and Mac browsers.

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Microsoft Edge Browser:

Mozilla Firefox:

THE TOKYO PASS Cookie Setting



Flash cookies: documentation/en/flashplayer/ help/settings_manager07.html

5. Cookie settings

Mandatory Cookies:

Mandatory Cookies are always necessary for the proper functioning of our Website and must always be enabled. Mandatory Cookies have certain features, including but not limited to remembering language and country settings, tracking of movements on the website including heat mapping, optimizing the website’s overall experience, statistical purposes, login status verification, and storage of shopping bag and wishlist items.

You can always manually delete the Cookies that have been placed. Please follow the instructions mentioned above for each browser type and operating system.

Functional Cookies:

The use of functional Cookies is always optional, and its purpose is tracking the experience on the website, and optimizing and managing the website’s experience.

Marketing Cookies:

Marketing Cookies are used by advertising companies and their purpose is to customize the delivery of ads and marketing communications based on your interests.

This type of Cookies also enables us to share information about the usage of visitors on our Website with social media, advertising, and analytics partners (such as Facebook, Google, etc.). Those partners may associate certain information from our Website with other information you have provided, as well as the information we have collected provided by these partners.

6. Action history, attribute information, and cookie list used for advertisement distribution by third parties






Formulated on September 1, 2022